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SPOTIFY is fab - all the music you'd forgotten about

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EffiePerine Tue 27-Jan-09 19:18:32

and it's free and legal grin (tho DH is forking out a tenner a month to avoid the ads)

am revisiting tastes of my yoof <sings along to New Model Army>

ComeWhineWithMe Tue 27-Jan-09 19:21:51

Looks good it says I need an invite though .

ComeWhineWithMe Tue 27-Jan-09 19:22:37

s'ok I think have sorted it .

cocolepew Tue 27-Jan-09 19:23:06

How'd you sort it?

cocolepew Tue 27-Jan-09 19:23:31

Please, thank you

SexOnFire Tue 27-Jan-09 19:23:35

Oh yes New Model Army! Vagabonds!!! Distant memories but good ones. I'll look for some Husker Du there as well.


ComeWhineWithMe Tue 27-Jan-09 19:25:06

I clicked on free and they said they would send me an invite .

cocolepew Tue 27-Jan-09 19:26:09

Oh good. Thanks smile

KerryMumbles Tue 27-Jan-09 19:30:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EffiePerine Tue 27-Jan-09 19:32:34

I've only just signed up for it so haven't got any invites yet - ComeWhine seems to gave found a way round it

there is loads of classical music on there as well

EffiePerine Tue 27-Jan-09 19:33:48

listening t Vagabonds as I type grin

has sent ds2 to sleep as well

paddingtonbore Tue 27-Jan-09 19:38:15

ooh, it's like trying to get into Boujis or summat. I have joined a "waiting list" for an invite!

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