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Anyone planning on spending the morning 'on hold' for Take That Tickets?

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JODIEhadababy Fri 31-Oct-08 08:18:01

Coz I am!!!!! grin

fartmeistergeneral Fri 31-Oct-08 09:09:08

Got my tickets!!!! I am sad! I don't care!!! Yeyyyyy!!!!

JODIEhadababy Fri 31-Oct-08 09:11:09

Ahh lucky sod!!!! Still on hold

fartmeistergeneral Fri 31-Oct-08 09:11:52

Ticketmaster let me in straight away.

JODIEhadababy Fri 31-Oct-08 09:20:37

Lucky lucky you!!!! I've a 4 min wait apparantly

corblimeymadam Fri 31-Oct-08 09:24:29

Message withdrawn

JODIEhadababy Fri 31-Oct-08 09:26:42

I've just been kicked off too! ahhhhhhhhhh angry

Hulababy Fri 31-Oct-08 09:27:50

Am on other thread.I got my tickets via at about 8:55am. Just waiting for confirmation email now though.

Hulababy Fri 31-Oct-08 09:29:46

I have confirmation - beware it went in my spam box, so check there just in case!

corblimeymadam Fri 31-Oct-08 09:36:29

Message withdrawn

JODIEhadababy Fri 31-Oct-08 09:59:38

Yeah got them. Manchester on the 26th June!!!! Whoopeee

Hulababy Fri 31-Oct-08 10:00:57


IllegallyBrunette Fri 31-Oct-08 10:03:45

Anyone with spare tickets (2) for manchester or wembley and willing to sell at face value please let me know.

Am off out for day now but will be back online later this evening.


JODIEhadababy Fri 31-Oct-08 11:48:31

Sorry Illegallybrunette, no can do. Good luck though.

Any luck belgiunbun?

IllegallyBrunette Fri 31-Oct-08 17:00:55

Thanks for trying.

My mate finally got 2 for Wembley grin

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