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keane spiralling

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southeastalien Wed 29-Oct-08 21:52:22

its a great song isn't it

darkpunk Wed 29-Oct-08 21:59:39 keane.

CandleQueen Wed 29-Oct-08 22:01:15

Can't stop myself going "Boo!" at random intervals!
They are a local band and very popular here. Hoping for another "secret" homecoming gig soon!

southeastalien Wed 29-Oct-08 22:01:42

i like you you darkpunk

littlelapin Wed 29-Oct-08 22:02:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shinyshoes Wed 29-Oct-08 22:02:56

This album is completley different to their other stuff. I'm a huge fan of Keane, but it's a bit too 80's for me. I'm sure it will grow on me, I really want it to

Don't get me wrong I love the 80's it's the best decade for music but don't try to recreate it. Robbie tried with his 'Rudebox' album and it all went tits up.

I heart Tom Chaplin, grin

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