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Anyone know the notes for ITNG songs for the recorder?

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DraculaNeedsArteries Mon 06-Oct-08 19:17:35


DraculaNeedsArteries Tue 07-Oct-08 18:02:42


BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 07-Oct-08 18:04:25

I can work it out later, not til after 11pm though.

[busy emoticon]

Do you mean 'Yes my name is Iggle Piggle' that tune?

RinTinTin Tue 07-Oct-08 18:06:33

Are you asking for the notes to the theme tune? If you are i might be able to helpgrin

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 07-Oct-08 18:07:59

Ohh RInTinTin do you have an inside track?

I was going to do it the hard way - toot and scribble grin

DraculaNeedsArteries Tue 07-Oct-08 18:09:17

Yes I want teh notes. Either sheet music or jsut A's and B's would do.

Any of the tunes would do...the main theme or any of the characters songs.

I saw Poi play them on a xylophone yesterday on cbeebies...and thought it would suit a recorder

RinTinTin Tue 07-Oct-08 18:09:49

I'm feeling nice so i will sharewink


That should be all you need!

DraculaNeedsArteries Tue 07-Oct-08 18:16:52

TY v much.

I will summon DTDs with their recorders.

I shall be dictating that they do their spellings first though so I shall be a while before I report back

RinTinTin Tue 07-Oct-08 18:32:15

You're very welcomesmile

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 07-Oct-08 18:34:01

Blimey that was quick..

You've done this already, eh rinTinTin.


RinTinTin Tue 07-Oct-08 18:38:33

Now that would be tellingwink

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 07-Oct-08 18:40:45



RinTinTin Tue 07-Oct-08 18:42:28

If you want anything else just shoutwink

DraculaNeedsArteries Tue 07-Oct-08 18:51:19

Well DTDs recognised my playing grin as did ITNG fan DD3 (28m) grin.

I don't suppose you have the theme tume (you know the lovely relax one when Ip is sailing in his boat (it isn't quite the same is it?).

Upsy daisy song would be nice too if it is available.

TY so much.

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 07-Oct-08 18:52:22


RinTinTin Tue 07-Oct-08 18:52:59

Leave it with me!

DraculaNeedsArteries Tue 07-Oct-08 19:03:11

<actually theme is the same as "Yes my name..." isn't just seems more mellow than iggle piggles song...I guess Iggle piggle just makes it sound a littel deeper>

RinTinTin Tue 07-Oct-08 22:53:00

Sorry ladies, i got busy but i will get back to you tomorrowsmile

DraculaNeedsArteries Tue 07-Oct-08 22:56:03

No worries.

I am not reallly ina position to get me recorder out now anyway grin

RinTinTin Wed 08-Oct-08 21:52:02

I knew there was something else i was meant to steal borry today blush sorry!

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Wed 08-Oct-08 22:41:41

almost like wot RinTinTin said...


CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Wed 08-Oct-08 22:47:42

oh iu had that open for ages before I posted

the next bit in the theme tune (the slower bit) is then...


Flibbertyjibbet Wed 08-Oct-08 22:56:21

Oh how fab I did recorder at school and have bought one for ds1 for xmas.

I am now going to sneakily practise that when the house is empty, then wrap up the recorder and let ds1 open it when we are at the inlaws later on xmas day.

I will casually pick it up and oh so casually play this itng tune!!

How impressive will that be grin

(lets just hope they don't ask for anything other than Londons Burning for an encore!)

DraculaNeedsArteries Thu 09-Oct-08 18:17:27

TY very much.

They will play it easier without the C's actually as they struggle to reach the C.

Unfortunately I can't practise tonight as I have no puff and no voice.

DraculaNeedsArteries Thu 09-Oct-08 18:21:13

OK...I lied.

I did try.

Are the C/D/Es in teh second bit low or high Corpse?

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