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I know it's been out (and No 1) but I only heard the new Kings of Leon this week

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Cocolepew Fri 03-Oct-08 15:33:47

And it makes me melt into a puddle of middle aged hormones.

Just thought I'd share.

mppaw Fri 03-Oct-08 15:42:37

Am with you coco....great song and lyrics....and the song title....gush, gush.

tiredemma Fri 03-Oct-08 15:43:47

ah his voice.

I felt my loins stir yesterday

tiredemma Fri 03-Oct-08 15:44:13

and I heard a rendition by James morrison on the radio which was as good as.

mppaw Fri 03-Oct-08 15:51:58

Umm....his voice......but has to be a NO NO to James Morrison, surely !!

expatinscotland Fri 03-Oct-08 15:52:34

i heard the song.

just don't see what all the fuss is about, tbh.

tiredemma Fri 03-Oct-08 15:54:03

No- JM did a much slower version- it was quite good.

sweetcat Fri 03-Oct-08 15:54:27

they were much better with retro 70's beards. Kind of look naked without them now!

Cocolepew Fri 03-Oct-08 16:02:25

for anyone who hasn't heard it.
<<swoons> I love people who sing with that sort of catch/whine in their voice.
Plus I like loud music grin

DaDaDa Fri 03-Oct-08 16:14:14

Is it just me that thinks the title is a bit Alan Partridgesque? And that they probably need a bit of Canestan if their sex is that hot?

Cocolepew Fri 03-Oct-08 16:16:11

angry don't spoil it for me DaDaDa

I have it playing on youtube while I MN, both DDs have retreated upstairs blush

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