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Music similar to Emma Shapplin, anybody have any recommendations?

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pickie Thu 04-Sep-08 21:27:40

Lately been listening a lot to Emma Shapplin (Etterna) and am not familiar at all with this kind of music but hope there is a MN'er who could recommend similar music.

Googled it and came up as :Emma Shapplin started her music career in classical music but then moved to hard rock. She discovered that although rock gave her more artistic freedom than classical music, it was still not enough for her, so she decided to create her own style.[2] This became a combination of archaic opera and modern trance and/or pop music. Although she was raised speaking French, Shapplin decided to perform in old Italian, because, according to her, "It's a language that sings naturally".[2]

pickie Sun 07-Sep-08 11:01:24

Anybody smile

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