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Any fans of Metallica?

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paow Wed 03-Sep-08 11:45:33

HI there,
I managed to get some tickets to see them at the O2 (fiver each) on the 15th of September (very excited)
But DH is not interested and my mate I used to go to gigs on the heavier side now lives in Korea!!

If anyone wants to come along with me, let me know!

2shoes Wed 03-Sep-08 11:59:40

oh i would have loved to

friendofmetallicafan Wed 03-Sep-08 13:00:39

Not for me - but I have a friend who is a big fan - if you end up selling the tickets (he is not keen on going with a total stranger - no mumsnet vibe there!) let me know!

harleyd Wed 03-Sep-08 13:04:11

i would have, if i wasnt in belfast

paow Wed 03-Sep-08 13:05:46

Sure! thanks.

Same here, I rather go with another female Mumsnetter if there is one out there, or might drag my teenage neighbour along LOL

Notalone Tue 16-Sep-08 14:01:18

Godamn it - why have I only just seen this thread. I would have loved to have gone. I saw them years ago in 1993 at Milton Keynes and got into the snake pit. It was amazing!

How was it Paow?

2shoes Tue 16-Sep-08 15:47:57

hope it was brilliant.

paow Wed 17-Sep-08 12:27:04

Oh nevermind!
I ended up selling it on ebay and giving 50% to charity.
i found myself with a very nice NZ gig buddy, who I bought a drink for and had a nice chat.
The gig was fab and the venue/sound amazing.
They were in top form and the crowd was great!

Take care

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