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Songs and artists you like purely from hearing them first on a tv/film soundtrack...........

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Aero Tue 02-Sep-08 23:37:45

This is my latest discovery. Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson I'd never heard of her before. Gorgeous (sad) song.

Anyone got any more?

Aero Wed 03-Sep-08 19:22:28

Started this very late last night, so little bump.

piratecat Wed 03-Sep-08 19:25:12

Don't you forget about me --Simple Minds

from The Breakfast Club. will never forget that, AND finding it on 12'', boy was that record spun!!

thequietone Wed 03-Sep-08 19:26:21

Aimee Mann - Wise Up, at the end of Magnolia. Spine tingling...

TheOldestCat Wed 03-Sep-08 19:29:43

Breathe by Sia - from the last-ever Six Feet Under. S'wonderful.

Aero Wed 03-Sep-08 19:30:43

I first heard Sarah McLachlan on 'City of Angels'

Aero Wed 03-Sep-08 19:31:38

Feel free to add links - I always like to hear new music.

Aero Wed 03-Sep-08 19:35:53

TheOldestCat - that's just the sort of thing I love - another to add to my list.

UglyNakedGuy Wed 03-Sep-08 19:38:53

Benny & Joon I think it was a Joe Cocker version in the film, but I prefer this one it seems!

TheOldestCat Wed 03-Sep-08 19:55:53

Aero, glad you like the Sia song; it's beautiful isn't it? if you ever watched Six Feet Under, then you'll love the finale


UglyNakedGuy Wed 03-Sep-08 19:57:14

<must not click>

Watched all of SFU over the last 6 months or so

TheOldestCat Wed 03-Sep-08 20:02:54

It was brilliant, wasn't it? DH bought me the entire thing on DVD to watch when I went on maternity leave (while waiting for DD to arrive). Loved it.

If DD had been a boy, i'd have been angling for Nate as a name...

(sorry to hijack your interesting thread, Aero. Love the Ingrid Michaelson song, cheers).

UglyNakedGuy Wed 03-Sep-08 20:04:14

It was weird and great all at once grin

lovecat Thu 04-Sep-08 10:19:40

I love this song from Cruel Intentions - had no idea it was Counting Crows til I bought the soundtrack.

Also bought the whole Aqualung album based on the VW ad...

Flamesparrow Thu 04-Sep-08 21:30:40

this and this from 10 things i hate about you

Flamesparrow Thu 04-Sep-08 21:32:27

sod it this one too (That film has a good soundtrack!) Your winter is still my fave though

GrinningGorilla Thu 04-Sep-08 21:36:17

Melissa Etheridge from Brother Bear 2 "it will be me". It makes me boo every time I hear it.

RaggedRobin Thu 04-Sep-08 22:46:25

smog - "vessel in vain" from dead man's shoes. great film, great soundtrack.

EachPeachPearMum Thu 04-Sep-08 22:50:58

Second Aimee Mann, first heard by me on Magnolia soundtrack.

In the House In a Heartbeat is one of my favourite pieces of music, from 28 later. Gets played a lot in the gym.

loads of individual songs from tarantino films.

sleepycat Thu 04-Sep-08 22:57:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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