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PMSL, thanks ds this is brill

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2shoes Fri 29-Aug-08 13:41:41


mehgalegs Fri 29-Aug-08 13:43:14

LOL - they till scare the pants off me though.

mehgalegs Fri 29-Aug-08 13:45:08

still not till.

suzywong Fri 29-Aug-08 13:48:50

vair funny

2shoes Fri 29-Aug-08 14:19:33

mrgha you should see ds's room .......very scarey posters

NumberFour Sat 30-Aug-08 00:46:53

not somethng to watch late at night when everyone else is in bed.

hifi Sat 30-Aug-08 00:51:20

omg, they are like the creatures off lord of the rings. orks.

S1ur Sat 30-Aug-08 00:52:24


Oddly the spanish restaurant entertainment had forgotton their masks last time I was in Tenerife....

Joanie Thu 11-Sep-08 22:27:05

Like that, love this....
(actually quite catchy !!!)

2shoes Thu 11-Sep-08 22:37:46

lol that is good
my fave

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