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What is your level of involvment in your dc's Music Learning ?

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QuintessentialShadows Tue 26-Aug-08 09:16:10

My son (6) just restarted his violin lessons here (He was learning for a few months in London before we left, and decided he loved it and wants to continue). Before he had them through his school through the music trust. Now he goes to the music academy one day a week after school.

Do you find that you have to be very actively involved in your childs music learning?
His new teacher is insisting I stay at lessons to asssist in the teaching. Help saying A A D D etc, and just assist with holding his bow, and handing him his violin when he has got a perfect grip on the bow, etc. I am ok with learning to tune it, and learning general bow maintenance.

It is just that I also have ds1 who is 3 with me, and I rather take him for ice cream in the cafeteria than have him bored moping on the floor making noise.

Do you reckon it is just in the beginning or do I have to always stay on?

What is your experiences?

MarsLady Tue 26-Aug-08 09:36:24

absolutely nothing to do with your question Quinty but how did your DH do in his bike riding competition? smile

QuintessentialShadows Tue 26-Aug-08 09:45:21

so so. He didnt win. We did not expect him to, as he had not slept for a few days prior, and only got 4 hours sleep the night before the ride. So, the most important thing was to participate. Isnt that what we teach or kids anyhow? wink

bramblebooks Tue 26-Aug-08 10:06:46

Ask the teacher - it may be that there are essentials that you need to do that can be fitted in to allow you to look after ds.

I stay through my ds2's violin lessons, but only because he is diabetic and might need help. I don't attend his piano or guitar lessons but help with practice.

I teach a bit of piano and know which pupils and their parents need me to do everything to organise their learning and practice. Other pupils have parents who are able (time and ability wise) to support more intensively - I'm not saying that this is preferable, it's just how we work it.

Knowing what's expected will help your son get more out of his practice.

My eldest begins 'cello in a couple of weeks and I will support his practising as I want him to get his technique well-grounded so that he is able to make fulfilling progress and enjoy the new instrument more.

QuintessentialShadow Tue 26-Aug-08 21:14:18

I suppose I need to be there and learn what to do, if I am supposed to help him through his practice. He is supposed to practice everyday, and needs me to remind him where his thumb goes, how to hold the bow, etc.

It is just that we are not really a very musical family. I like classical music, but we dont play much music at home. I sing, but dont play an instrument. I dont know where he found his interest in playing violin. He is very keen. He loves music, has great rhythm, loves to dance, etc. It is just a little alien to me. smile

maggiethecat Tue 26-Aug-08 23:32:32

I'm new to this music thing as well. DD, 5, has just started violin and seems to enjoy the class which she has with a great teacher. I'm not musical and never had lessons myself.

I sit quietly at the back of the room and observe and take notes on what they've done in the half hour session. I pay particular attention to what she struggles with so that I can help her with practice which we try to have at least once before her next class.

So at the moment she's not great at counting her notes - 7 d's instead of 6 etc but I ask her to try to mentally tick off each note once she's played it.

I suppose it's important to get a good grounding and once she's very comfortable with the physical elements and works out reading the music she'll probably need less input from me. For the moment though I enjoy helping her while I am able.

QuintessentialShadow Wed 27-Aug-08 20:43:12

I suspect I too will learn the violin at this rate! We have been practicing every day, and he is doing really well, and I am too... grin

My problem with being present at the lessons is that it is too early in the day (4pm) for me to leave ds2 with my husband, so he has to come with us, and is bored, and mischevious!

bramblebooks Wed 27-Aug-08 20:50:26

QS, you're not far wrong there - I've taken up the violin again, thanks to my son!

QuintessentialShadow Wed 27-Aug-08 20:55:27

I am just wondering if I should get my own violin...... grin
Now I am enjoying playing on his, and he goes "Mum!" then "MUUUM! It is MY violin, can I have it back" .

Should I?

I am sort of picturing us playing together.

bramblebooks Thu 28-Aug-08 20:54:27

Q, I bought my own violin (partly because I couldn't find my real own one, it's in the attic somewhere!). DS loves it when we play together, and is very bossy!

DS2 is learning cello soon - I'm looking forwards to playing together.

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