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Take That in Concert on C4 right now!!

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makeminealargeoneplease Fri 22-Aug-08 10:57:55

Just thought I'd share that with you all....loving it! Bringing back memories from when I saw them in Dec...swoon.

Nbg Fri 22-Aug-08 11:00:00

2 weeks after I bought my tickets I found out I was pg with dc3 and the concert was a week after he was due, so I had to sell my tickets sad

Its nice to watch it though.
I saw them in 2006 and they were brilliant.

makeminealargeoneplease Fri 22-Aug-08 11:03:56

Poor you, I'm sure they'll be a next time...don't worry. but at least you can actually see their faces on the TV version. wink

Nbg Sat 23-Aug-08 08:58:29

lol, yes you could.

They look like little borrowers when your up in the galley!
And they're beter be a next time, although everytime I book TT tickets I get pregnant.
It happened to me the time before grin

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