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A bit of a song that makes me think of another song

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BroccoliSpears Mon 18-Aug-08 18:22:22

Was listening to Coldplay's Viva la vida and there's a "whoa-oh-ooh oh woah" bit that really really puts me in mind of another song but I can't think what I mean. I think the whole song reminds me of another song to be honest. It's the bit at 3.02 on that Youtube link.


maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 18:25:28

Am currently listening and will report back

Ewe Mon 18-Aug-08 18:25:28

Wiki says there were plagiarism allegations about it. Is the song they mention what you're thinking of?

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 18:26:30

He sounds like Sting when he sings that it a Police song?

Lazarou Mon 18-Aug-08 18:28:27

reminds me of this a bit, but probably not what you're thinking

coppertop Mon 18-Aug-08 18:31:23

The whoah-oh bit reminds me of this awful 80s song which I'd successfully forgotten about until now.

BroccoliSpears Mon 18-Aug-08 18:37:37

Never heard of the song mentioned on Wiki.
Don't think it's a Police song.
Def not Queen.
ROFL @ Baltimora. grin

I think it might be an 80s song though.

Lazarou Mon 18-Aug-08 18:39:55

Is it a Keane song?

Lazarou Mon 18-Aug-08 18:52:27

this or any other cure stuff?

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