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Paul Weller Live

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suzywong Thu 14-Aug-08 04:01:39

Made me proud to be English
What range
What musciality
What a top geezer

So much material that has been important in Britain.
And so diverse, from the new 22 Dreams stuff to Shout to the Top, That's Entertainment and an awesome ( and I very rarely use that word) version of Randi Crawford's Wishing On A Star.

One of the best shows I've ever been to.

anyone see him in the UK?

DaDaDa Thu 14-Aug-08 13:25:00

"What range
What musciality
What a top geezer"

What a shockingly bad haircut. grin

Saw him at Ally Pally a couple of years ago. Loved all the Style Council and Jam stuff he played but lordy, he went on a bit.

When You're Young. This song always makes me melancholy. "Used to fall in love with anyone, any guitar and any bass drum".

wilbs Mon 01-Sep-08 05:05:56

We went to see him in Melbourne on the 16th, then for the last night on the 28th! He was fan-bloody-tastic, even ones I wasn't so familiar with were great to hear, seeing him in a venue of 2000 was amazing.
He is indeed a top geezer, and I like his hair (wink)
Did you see him in Oz as well?

suzywong Mon 01-Sep-08 05:20:25

hello wilbs
we saw him in Perth
good, wasn't it?

wilbs Tue 02-Sep-08 07:39:53

Hi Suzywong, yes it was great, really good atmosphere in the crowd as well.
My kids are loving That's Entertainment and Eton Rifles at the moment! 22 Dreams album is growing on me, although I have been mostly listening to the Hit Parade album since seeing him!

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