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C'mon and groove with me to this!

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Sidge Tue 05-Aug-08 23:33:07

How can you not get up and boogie listening to this? grin

HotTrouserCough Tue 05-Aug-08 23:35:41


<pretends she was never on thread>

falcon Tue 05-Aug-08 23:36:07

I love that song, it was one of my favourites when I was a kid.grin

Sidge Tue 05-Aug-08 23:44:18

I know, I know, Aswad - but it was a great one to dance to!

(Or maybe I had had one too many snakebite and blacks glasses of fruit juice)

falcon Tue 05-Aug-08 23:45:32

What's wrong with Aswad?

Sidge Tue 05-Aug-08 23:48:12

Nothing falcon, but then I am getting on a bit and thought that song were great grin

falcon Tue 05-Aug-08 23:49:15

It is a great song.

I always loved the little rap in the middle.

But then what do I know, I was a 2 Unlimited fan.

DaDaDa Tue 05-Aug-08 23:52:40

"I was a 2 Unlimited fan"

No, no. No no, NO NO. grin

falcon Tue 05-Aug-08 23:54:43

..pouts Well I have an excuse, I was a child at the time.

Dadada Your name reminds me of this song.

DaDaDa Tue 05-Aug-08 23:56:32

Das ist korrect.

falcon Tue 05-Aug-08 23:58:12

I loved the Pepsi World Cup Advert with that song in it.grin

Ray from 2 Unlimited was one of my very first crushes.blush

DaDaDa Wed 06-Aug-08 00:00:35

Ray? Crush?!

I refer you to my earlier post! Tech-no for an answer.

falcon Wed 06-Aug-08 00:03:17

Yes I know but then I had very little taste as a child.

I also had crushes on Daley Thomson(or so my family insist), Scott Baio in Bugsy Malone and Aramis in Dogtanian(An animated dog fgs!)blush

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