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The Dresden Dolls

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AbstractMouse Sat 02-Aug-08 20:40:26

Anyone else a fan? I do love them, it's really odd how I found them actually. was waiting for the Pixies to come on at the forum and they played an ace song, heard it again months later and it turned out to be "good day" by the dresden dolls.

Seen them once and had goosebumps, had tickets for a second time but just couldn't face it (3 months pregnant).

Will be shocked if I get any replies lol.

Jobeanie Thu 14-Aug-08 17:23:05

Me likey them! Got into their first album courtesy of a friend who said I would like it cause I kind of go for female piano players (Tori Amos etc). Good Day is THE best track off that album!
Went to see them at a tiny gig in Manchester and then the Roundhouse a couple of years later for their next album tour - it was very burlesque and circusy.
I listen to owt, me!
Think they've got a new record out or due out soon
Did not think I would be on mumsnet discussing that one. DS has not yet heard them, maybe give him a blast of it!

CapnTaLcY Thu 14-Aug-08 17:47:39

Love them!

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