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Am very impressed with dd2

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PurpleOne Fri 25-Jul-08 01:20:56

She's now 10.

Went down Costcutters earlier for beer supplies, crisp stocks and replenish the milk.
DD2 was rummaging in a '2 for £5' reggae bargain basket thing chocka with cds.
She pulls out a Bob Marley cd, 'oh mum you like him. What's the name of that song'... She then sings out 3 diff songs chorus word for word, but still the wrong song lol. Herself singing 'Redemtion song; in the aisles of Costcutter I'll never forget.
'oh yeah I got it mum. The one about the birds'

She then proceeds to sing 'don't worry about a thing, cos every little things gonna be alright'.

I don't listen to Bob all that much but am very impressed she memorised everything word for word. (she did this with The Killers-Mr Brightside last week)

Whose LO does this, and makes them stand in total awe at music knowledge?

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