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Ear protection for kids at music festivals

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foothesnoo Thu 24-Jul-08 20:35:33

HAve you been to any festivals with kids and do your kids have ear plugs etc? If so what sort and from where?

kookykid Thu 24-Jul-08 21:08:37

We used these at a wedding when DD was 6 months old and they were FAB! She slept right through the 'disco' while I boogied the night away!! My sister also used hers for her 3yo DS on fireworks night - he's never been able to go out to see them before because he was so terrified by the noise.

kookykid Thu 24-Jul-08 21:09:15

Have a terrible feeling the Spice Girls used them for their DCs on their recent tour as well!

hoxtonchick Thu 24-Jul-08 21:10:48

my kids refuse to wear them, but friends use those ones kookykid. mine also refuse ear plugs...

foothesnoo Fri 25-Jul-08 09:48:35

Thanks - anyone tried earplugs? Do they do child-sized ones?

spamm Fri 25-Jul-08 10:01:47

We bought those Peltor ear defenders for DS for the Farnborough Airshow and he loved them. They really seemed to do the job, he was happy, while other kids were crying and hiding behing their parents' legs.

We got them from here: Transair Pilot Shop and they arrived within 3 days.

LindzDelirium Tue 05-Aug-08 14:53:35

I regularly take my DD (6) to gigs and use the Peltor ones they are fab.

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