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How many people have hits with? & who was the first to sing 'He ain't heavy'

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KatyMac Sat 19-Jul-08 19:26:02

DD & DH are having a big row about it (she is brave to take on his musical knowledge)

cocolepew Sat 19-Jul-08 19:26:52

Um the Hollies, Neil Diamond...give up.

Flamesparrow Sat 19-Jul-08 19:28:21

hollies first

ranting Sat 19-Jul-08 19:28:46

I thought the Hollies sang it first, Neil Diamond was a house writer before he recorded records, wasn't he.

maidamess Sat 19-Jul-08 19:28:58

Robson and Jerome proabaly had a try at murdering singing it.

Flamesparrow Sat 19-Jul-08 19:29:11

at least 12 covers shock

KatyMac Sat 19-Jul-08 20:09:53

Thank you all

They are both happy now

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