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calgin Billy Joel fans

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Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:07:00

Message withdrawn

notwavingjustironing Mon 14-Jul-08 15:07:54

Am I being thick? I can only see Fabio's poll....

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:09:55

Tough choice. Didn't realise there was a South Bank show on him. Will have a look for it.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:11:03

Message withdrawn

MrsJohnCusack Mon 14-Jul-08 15:12:34

he;s coming to NZ. onluy to auckland though otherwise DH would go

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:13:01

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:13:18

Italian Restaurant's never been one of my favourites - goes on a bit. Have you ever seen him in concert?

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:14:01

Actually I quite like 'Goodnight Saigon'.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:14:08

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:15:37

Bugger - I never knew he was touring either. Went to see Blondie in Bristol the weekend before last - they were fab. She looks amazingshock. Loads of plastic surgery, of course. She was 63 the week beforeshock.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:16:31

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:17:19

THat's what I voted for on your blog - 'it's all rock and roll to me'.

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:18:33

ANd 'My life' - fab.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:19:17

Message withdrawn

DaDaDa Mon 14-Jul-08 15:19:41

"I don't want clever conversation..."

That's why I come to Mumsnet.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:19:50

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:20:14

'and we would all go down together' (but not in a smutty way). Brings a tear to the eye blush.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:21:36

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:22:23

We couldgrin. Very loudly.

Cod Mon 14-Jul-08 15:22:56

Message withdrawn

Nagapie Mon 14-Jul-08 15:23:23

River of dreams...

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:23:46

I always had a bit of a soft spot for The downeaster Alexa (is that his daughter's name?).

gscrym Mon 14-Jul-08 15:24:18

I saw him when he toured with Elton John. He was wonderfull. Glad he came on first as Elt was crap and we left after about 4 songs.

My favourites aren't there, Goodnight Saigon and River of Dreams.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 14-Jul-08 15:25:06

i like new york state of mind

and another one I can't remember the name of at the moment. cna't ask DH what it's called as we are trying to get BLOODY BUGGERING DD to go to sleep in here as she won't go back to her bed

he should come down to CHristchurch. if Stevie Wonder is managing it,l why can't BILly? angry

JackieNo Mon 14-Jul-08 15:25:39

Quite like River of dreams. 'Pressure' a good one to sing along to loudly too.

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