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brucelovesfrumpygrumpy and anyone else who had the pleasure of seeing Bruuuuce in concert last week

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northender Mon 02-Jun-08 21:47:02

Wanted to find out how your concert was! Did you go on Friday or Saturday? (think it was Emirates you went for). I heard he was fined £80,000 for overrunning on Friday. We went to OT on Wed and it was awesome, the best I've been to yet.

Why the name change fg???

Clare21 Mon 02-Jun-08 22:02:15

Ok will bring my Bruce worship over here thanks Northender. We live nearish Emirates (15 min walk) and couldn't hear it at home on Friday (odd as am sure we hear some of the footie) but it was a bit odd how abruptly it all ended on Sat. He did American Land twice complete with karoke style lyrics on the screens, and got us all whipped up into complete euphoria and then bang it was all over. He played for 2 1/2 hours and it was fab fab fab. Loved it so much am tempted to go and see him somewhere else.

squeaver Mon 02-Jun-08 22:07:06

Was there on Friday. he finished a wee bit later than 10.30 but didn't seem THAT late.

Absolutely amazing concert. I love how understated he was - just walked on the stage and started playing. No breaks, 3 hours. The last hour alone would have been worth the ticket price.

northender Mon 02-Jun-08 22:12:46

dh is going to Cardiff and then we're celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary in Barcelona at the Nou Camp! It's all a bit indulgent really but it's the first time we've been in a position to go to more than one and dh keeps saying you never know when it's going to be the last tour.......

northender Mon 02-Jun-08 22:16:16

squeaver apparently it was 4 minutes over but the council have strict curfew regs.
claire, if you do go to Cardiff or another show it's definitely worth getting there early if you can and queueing for the pit. At Old Trafford people who were arriving at 4pm were still getting the pit wristbands.

somanybabyseagulls Tue 03-Jun-08 09:11:42

I'm going to Cardiff but saw him in November in Madrid, the man is a legend. Been keeping an eye on the set list for ages coz I love Downbound Train and it premiered on Saturday, how was it?

Piccalilli2 Tue 03-Jun-08 09:15:18

Couldn't go as rather inconveniently had a baby 6 weeks ago. She will be reminded at regular intervals for the rest of her life what I sacrificed for her. I lurve Bruce.

brucelovesfrumpygrumpy Tue 03-Jun-08 11:21:51

Northender!!! Thank you, my name looks fab up there grin Don't you think my name change suite me <<preens>> grin wink

I WENT TO OT AS WELL grin grin where were you?

He was sublime, heavenly, awesome fits perfetly, funny, handsome, energetic, talented, with the voice of a sand-eating adonis, and I would pay to do his laundry.

There grin I think that covers it.

I am desperate to get tickets for another date. It was working out for Cardiff for me (weekends are good for by parents to babysit as they both work) but a friend has asked me for my help that day and I have already said "oh yes, I'm sure I can" because I am too much of a sad git to say no sad

I could always go to a date overseas grin Now that would be heavenly!!!!

brucelovesfrumpygrumpy Tue 03-Jun-08 11:41:29

And I'd pay £80,000 to have him overrun me grin

northender Tue 03-Jun-08 16:52:22

Blimey fg how many emoticons in one message grin.
dh and I queued from 1300 to get wristbands for the pit. I then told dh I was definitely not going to be so undignified as to run for a good position when the doors opened. We got through the turnstile and I yelled "Leggiiiiiiiit"grin. We ended up right at the front by the jutting out bit of stage in the middle. I swear he sang a verse of Mary's Place just to me!
dh is trying for the pit again at Cardiff with his equally mad friend (who was 25th in the pit queue at OT). Wish I'd seen your thread earlier, was thinking about you!

Seagulls I saw you asking about the tramps like us T shirts on the other thread. They are still selling them. I held back at the O2 in Dec but am now the proud owner of one.

somanybabyseagulls Tue 03-Jun-08 18:13:42

I MUST have one!

brucelovesfrumpygrumpy Tue 03-Jun-08 23:20:19

Oh that is so fantastic!!! Wish I'd known, I'd have (a) waved and (b) given you my best pants to throw grin

I am still stupidly grin at what a great gig it was hence the plethora (I despise that word) of emoticons grin grin

We had seats on the South Stand, excellent view, right beside the corporate bit. But I would have sold my access rights to music from this day forth if I could spend one gig in the pit. And yes, I would run like hell too grin Glad for you (well, not really but I'm going to say it anyway) grin

somanybabyseagulls Fri 06-Jun-08 08:24:49

Just wanted to bump the love for Bruce in celebration that this time next week I will be on my way to Cardiff in readiness to see the man on Saturday night and a whole weekend without five children, yayyyyyy!

mckenzie Fri 06-Jun-08 08:32:40

may i join too? I saw him at the Emirates on friday and was a tad disappointed with the acoustics but still, a great concert and I agree with earlier poster that the last hour was worth the whole ticket price. We saw him at O2 last year too and were lucky enough to be in a box with great views and really close and I think maybe that spolit me a bit. O2 was definitely better than Emirates in my opinion.
But by far the best Bruce concert I have ever been to was in Paris so if you can raise the cash and child care brucelovesfrumpygrumpy, I'd definitely find an overseas concert and go for it!

ps. Bruce actually loves me not you frumpygrumpy! He told me so back in the Eighties when he touched my hand before singing Dancing in the Dark with someone else!!

somanybabyseagulls Fri 06-Jun-08 15:47:12

Sorry McKenzie, that was me he was dancing with, he loves me more!!!

northender Sat 14-Jun-08 21:50:12

FG are you about? Am feeling irritated and jealous in equal measure that dh is now at the Millenium along with smbs watching Bruce and I'm stuck here minding the kids! He went with his mate from Manchester and they've made it into the pit again. This time he just has one person in front of him envy.
Hope it was worth it for you helping your friend today, fg you're so selfless (bet you wish you weren't!)
Have been watching the setlist on another site and it looks fab so far envy

somanybabyseagulls Sun 15-Jun-08 16:44:21

I love Bruce!

northender Sun 15-Jun-08 22:06:47

dh is in raptures about it, I take it you enjoyed it then smbs? The encore must've been amazing, some great songs and no Dancin in the dark, thank the Lord!

Wish I'd been there.

You may be in with a chance though, a girl that dh went with reckons he didn't have his wedding ring on. I assume he normally wears it?

somanybabyseagulls Sun 15-Jun-08 22:12:15

No ring, no Patti (wasn't in Madrid in Nov either), I'm in there then! He is a god, simple as that!

northender Sun 15-Jun-08 22:21:56

Counting down the days to Barcelona now!

somanybabyseagulls Sun 15-Jun-08 22:31:00

No ring, no Patti..........I love Bruce!

BruceSpringsteen Sun 15-Jun-08 22:34:39

Ah, sorry to break your heart sugar, but ah, the kids just need Patti more than the band do. She ain't a beauty but, hey, she's alright.

somanybabyseagulls Sun 15-Jun-08 22:37:03

Frumpy you are busted! He sang Because the Night to me, it belongs to lovers you know!

brucelovesfrumpygrumpy Mon 16-Jun-08 19:05:41

northender, that sounds fab!!! I did help my friend and I did regret every minute of it grin Shame you were stuck at home too, if you'd been nearer me I'd have brought over a large bucket of wine and we could have listened via your DHs phone all night PMSL!

I am desperately trying to work out a way to catch another night of the tour...... it needs to work with holidays, babysitters, DPs work, and lots of other guff. But I will find a way!!!

I can't believe^ Bruce is on our thread grin <<fg flashes boobs so fast you'd never guess>> LOL, at the Manchester gig, Bruce said Patti was at home making sure the kids didn't Ebay his favourite clothes grin Well, I guess I would if it was my dad!!

northender Tue 17-Jun-08 21:36:34

Hope you get something sorted for another concert fg. I promise not to mention Barcelona again wink

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