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DS needs your help re music we heard on holiday..............

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Flier Thu 22-May-08 14:42:04

There was a version of the mimic man (same tune as I am the music man........) and it had vicky pollard from little britain, david beckam etc etc on it. Its not the same version as the one that black lace recorded but another one, does anyone know it and where can I get it from?

Flier Thu 22-May-08 15:10:25

now I know there must be someone that knows this song, but you're embarassed to admit it. Please, do a namechange and tell me grin

YohoAhoy Thu 22-May-08 15:23:16

Is this it?

Flier Thu 22-May-08 15:29:55

thanks, but no thats not it, the one on our holiday started with vicky pollard and didn't have any of those personalities on your link on it.

Flier Fri 23-May-08 16:10:53


MrsPuddleduck Fri 23-May-08 16:31:40

Were you on a Thompsons holiday? I think you can buy the CD of the music they play off their website but I don't know if it has that particular song on (although they do sing it every night for a fortnight as I remember......)

Flier Fri 23-May-08 17:17:18

hmm will take a look, was a first choice holiday but part of the same group i believe.


Oblomov Fri 23-May-08 17:28:55

I have a first choice cd somewhere - is it "music man, I come from round your way .... and I play guitar/trombone" - is it that one - Oblomov can NOT SING, by the way ?

Flier Sat 24-May-08 08:00:26

No, oblomov, its I am the mimic man I come from down our way and I can do (what can you do) I do and then its different impressions

busymummy77 Sun 20-Jul-08 18:18:04

Hi, did you manage to get this song as i am after it as well. My ds loves it. Should of got him the CD they were selling but didn't think he would miss it. But he has been con=stantly singing the songs since we have been back.

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