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any tragically hip UK fans?

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Pastacube Thu 19-Oct-17 22:25:59


SpunkinLatte Thu 19-Oct-17 22:29:47

Yes. Me. I'm Canadian but I've lived here for 16 years. I'm so sad today. Gord Downie was amazing, his lyrics and music got me through young adulthood. I thought they were pretty much only known in Canada. How did you find them?

TheNotSoGoodWife Thu 19-Oct-17 22:33:40

Not a fan as such but I do have one of their CDs that I picked up in Canada 21 shock years ago after my cousin recommended them!

Ladydepp Thu 19-Oct-17 22:36:53

I was a big fan, so sorry to hear about Gord's premature death. I saw them in a small club in Canada many years ago and they were cooler than cool.

Pastacube Thu 19-Oct-17 22:39:16

dh heard them on a mid night tv show in the late 80s and was hooked. we saw them in the 90s at Shepherd's Bush empire. Was a sea of Canadian flags. fully completely is one of my lps I listen to all the time.

Pastacube Thu 19-Oct-17 22:41:28

I remember talking to some canadians at the concert as the venue was so small and they said imagine U2 playing at a similar size venue.

It's amazing to me that such a great band was so unknown here.

SpunkinLatte Thu 19-Oct-17 22:49:03

Apparently any time they toured outside of Canada so many expats showed up they never broke through anywhere else.

Pastacube Thu 19-Oct-17 22:56:15

that would make sense, seems strange they were just (and still are) overlooked

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