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ABRSM Grade 2 piano - aural apps/books?

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amiableguest Mon 11-Sep-17 11:14:38

My son is preparing for Grade 2 piano this term. He learns with a peripatetic teacher at school and shares the 20 minute lesson with another child, so sometimes I wonder if there's enough time to cover everything. He says he hasn't done any aural exercises yet, and for his Grade 1 they just did a minimal amount of preparation for that part of the exam.

Can I help him at home? I got to grade 3 back in the 1980s, so know the basics and just need some guidance on the best thing to use. Is there a recommended app or book?

Ferguson2 Sun 17-Sep-17 19:48:07

There is a lot of information on the ABRSM web site, including Sight Reading, Aural, Scales etc so have a good study of it. There are also Forums about other peoples experiences.

For Theory this is one of the best books:

and Eric Taylor's Theory in Practice books cover each Grade, with exercises and worksheets to help students practise writing music:

There is plenty of information available these days, and also YouTube videos demonstrate playing and learning.

Broken11Girl Wed 18-Oct-17 04:05:55

ABRSM do books of practice aural tests with CD, can be bought online from their website or basically any book site, and some physical bookshops. They do an official app but it's only compatible with Apple devices hmm. AuralBook is a reasonable free app, some reservations but not useless.
ABRSM have a YouTube channel, ABRSM aural trainer. MusicOnline UK is a good channel, lots of info about aural tests and theory, also demonstrates the pieces. He has an app but it's basically the same, ie the videos, collected in one place. There's also a website with practice tests,
Good luck to DS.

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