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If you were a teen in the 90s how many of these do you recognize?

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hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 01:08:52

I didn't get any of them right except for Hanson. And I definitely remember because we had to do a poem in English. The others except for one or so familiar, but I didn't remember either the name or the artist.

And why didn't they have the Spice Girls, *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, 98°, Eiffel 65, Aqua and so many other good ones?

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 01:09:58

Oops forgot to put the link it's from teens react, and they did better than I did.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Wed 24-May-17 01:38:23

I got 5 artist and songs right

I feel incredibly old

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 01:45:19

What year did girls allowed start getting popular? They didn't get attention in the US, and I only heard them when I was in the UK visiting.

I love them though!

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 01:45:55

I think the underground one Christmas number one and 2000 or 1999 didn't it?

SuperPissed Wed 24-May-17 01:47:44

I was still a fairly young child in the 90s and I got 5 of them right grin

SuperPissed Wed 24-May-17 01:48:48

And Sound of the Underground (assuming that's the one you mean) came out in 2002

pincha Wed 24-May-17 01:56:15

I got 4, I think I'd do better on a more UK centred one though. I didn't know the Mandy Moore one at all, and I think I only recognised the magic mike one from the film.

How did the girl at the end know who Hansen were but not the song?

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 02:07:25

I don't know! Hanson were so popular!

Super, thanks.

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 02:09:15

Do either of you remember the Vengaboys? The boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room song? We like to party was the first one that came out and it was more popular , but for some reason in Vietnam the I want you in my room song is popular.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Wed 24-May-17 02:20:24

shock How do so many of them not know Mmm Bop?! shock

Also the Venga Boys were awesome grin

I was a child in the 90s and knew most of those.

KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth Wed 24-May-17 02:31:59

I knew all of the songs and artists apart from I couldn't place the artist of Pony. I feel so old. angry
Their reactions to MmmBop were priceless.
I think it was quite an American based selection. No 911, East17, Gabrielle, Brit Pop, Take That, Eternal etc.

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 02:34:19

OMG! Memories ....!! grin

I haven't heard that song in ages

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 02:36:35

Keira what was a hit from East 17? I don't remember them. Or 911. Are used to love Gabrielle.

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 02:42:16

I just looked up on YouTube, I don't think stay alive ever came to the US. sad is there a more popular song than that?

KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth Wed 24-May-17 02:43:58

How do you not remember Stay Another Day from East17? shock

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 02:48:32

I don't know! I'm scrolling through the now 90s list on YouTube and checking if there's anything else that I missed.

hellokittymania Wed 24-May-17 02:51:49

I just found the fairground song! Having déjà vu. They never play that in the US either. I remember the Knicks they did it with gypsy Kings

iogo Wed 24-May-17 03:04:59

I knew three both artist and song (Waterfalls, Mmm bop and Bittersweet Symphony) and one where I knew the song but forgot the band (All the Small Things).

I did not know that the Verve didn't earn royalties for Bittersweet Symphony any more so off to google it and selfish band managers!

I'm a 90s chic so I think I'd have done better on a UK centered version. smile

CeeBeeBee Thu 25-May-17 19:51:10

Didn't get Alice in Chains or Ginuiwine but everything else I got right.

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