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Stentor hire scheme

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Memoires Thu 12-Jan-17 10:39:59

Does anyone know if they still do it?

Up until, certainly 30 years ago, Stentor had a scheme whereby you could rent an instrument. You paid each week and eventually the instrument became yours. If you didn't want to continue paying you just took your instrument back to the shop (participating stores obvs) and that was it, you stopped paying. The instrument would be overhauled and then put out for hire again.

V good wheeze for beginners.

Do they still do it, does anyone know?

EineKleine Mon 20-Feb-17 21:43:48

Does it need to be a stentor scheme? We've rented a stentor violin by the term from our local independent music shop.

Buying second hand quite quickly became much better value with a beginner's violin though.

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