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QUICK! I need playlist help NOW! Songs that appeal to people of all ages

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FakeFakeRecordsRecords Tue 16-Feb-16 09:32:28

I need to create a playlist that will be in the background while some people do some gentle exercises and other activities.

These will be people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and ages - but probably more 50+

So, any suggestions for tunes? I'm not good at appealing to the masses!

FakeFakeRecordsRecords Tue 16-Feb-16 09:53:46

Sorry for bumping this, I need it this morning!

wonderpants Tue 16-Feb-16 09:55:20

Abba, Beatles, Elvis are all pretty universal!

wonderpants Tue 16-Feb-16 09:56:09

Or look for a party compilation album!
Or relaxation music if it is less upbeat!

FakeFakeRecordsRecords Tue 16-Feb-16 09:57:11

Thanks guys! I just thought, I guess it's a Radio 2 vibe that would work.

What do Radio 2 play?!

Shirkingfromhome Tue 16-Feb-16 10:00:43

radio two playlist

FakeFakeRecordsRecords Tue 16-Feb-16 10:10:45

thank you shirking grin

now which of those are the big ones? I'm clueless here.

Shirkingfromhome Tue 16-Feb-16 10:36:17

I have no idea! I don't listen to radio two but looking at the artists I'd guess Adele, Coldplay, Lissie, Lukas Graham, Travis (think its a new album), Ashley Monroe, Jess Glynn, Justin Bieber (although it pains me to say it), little mix, Mumford & Sons.

HTH smile

Shirkingfromhome Tue 16-Feb-16 13:06:01

Although looking at your demographic perhaps Elton, Enya and Rod Stewart would go down well also?

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Tue 16-Feb-16 13:16:38

I'd go with classical music rather than any of the above if you just want a bit of background. Or no music at all, I'd rather have silence than Radio 2 (and I'm heading for 50).

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