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The Greatest Britpop Albums.

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thefutureofpolitics Wed 07-Oct-15 12:36:25

I grew up with the whole Britpop explosion and with 90s indie in general so was wondering what your favourite Britpop and Britpop-related moments were. This is a list of albums, some I feel that are very underrated, which I loved 'back in the day' and still love.

1. Oasis 'Definitely Maybe'
2. Sleeper 'The It Girl'
3. Blur 'Parklife'
4. Elastica 'Elastica'
5. Echobelly 'On'
6. Longpigs 'The Sun is Often Out'
7. Pulp 'Different Class'
8. Skunk Anansie 'Paranoid and Sunburnt'
9. Dodgy 'Homegrown'
10. Menswe@r 'Nuisance'
11. Cast 'All Change'
12. Gene 'Olympian'
13. Suede 'Dog Man Star'
14. Salad 'Drink Me'
15. Marion 'This World and Body'
16. Placebo 'Placebo'
17. Kula Shaker 'K'
18. Paul Weller 'Stanley Road'
19. Radiohead 'The Bends'
20. Shed Seven 'A Maximum High'
21. Supergrass 'I Should Coco'
22. Massive Attack 'Protection'
23. Lush 'Lovelife'
24. Whipping Boy 'Heartworm'
25. Fluffy 'Black Eye'
26. Ash '1977'
27. The Boo Radleys 'Wake Up'
28. The Divine Comedy 'Casanova'
29. Heavy Stereo 'Deja Voodoo'
30. My Life Story 'The Golden Mile'
31. Ocean Colour Scene 'Moseley Shoals'
32. 60ft Dolls 'The Big 3'
33. Powder 'MCMXCV'
34. Strangelove 'Love and Other Demons'
35. Northern Uproar 'Northern Uproar'
36. Thurman 'Lux'
37. Whiteout 'Bite It'
38. The Bluetones 'Expected to Fly'
39. Ride 'Carnival of Light'
40. Hurricane #1 'Hurricane #1'
41. Arnold 'The Barn Tapes'
42. The Dandys 'Symphonic Screams'
43. Dawn of the Replicants 'One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs'
44. Embrace 'The Good Will Out'
45. The Verve 'Urban Hymns'
46. Ultrasound 'Everything Picture'
47. Travis 'Good Feeling'
48. Theaudience 'Theaudience'
49. Super Furry Animals 'Fuzzy Logic'
50. Octopus 'From A to B'
51. Subcircus 'Carousel'
52. The Supernaturals 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore'
53. Symposium 'One Day at A Time'
54. Spiritualized 'Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space'
55. Space 'Spiders'
56. Kenickie 'At the Club'
57. Geneva 'Further'
58. Manic Street Preachers 'Everything Must Go'
59. Teenage Fanclub 'Grand Prix'
60. Stereophonics 'Word Gets Around'
61. Mansun 'Attack of the Grey Lantern'
62. Puresssence 'Puressence'
63. Rialto 'Rialto'
64. The Seahorses 'Do It Yourself'
65. Nilon Bombers 'Bird'
66. Smaller 'Badly Badly'
67. The Gyres 'First'
68. Perfume 'One'
69. Jocasta 'No Coincidence'
70. Catatonia 'Way Beyond Blue'
71. Denim 'Denim on Ice'
72. The Charlatans 'The Charlatans'
73. The Auteurs 'After Murder Park'
74. The Real People 'What's on the Outside'
75. Bis 'New Transistor Heroes'
76. Helen Love 'Radio Hits #1'
77. Tindersticks 'Tindersticks' Second Album'
78. Edwyn Collins 'Gorgeous George'
79. Primal Scream 'Vanishing Point'
80. Black Grape 'It's Great When Your Straight, Yeah'
81. Dubstar 'Disgraceful'
82. Idlewild 'Captain'
83. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 'Barafundle'
84. Feeder 'Polythene'
85. China Drum 'Goosefair'
86. The Hitchers 'It's All Fun and Games 'Til Someone Loses An Eye'
87. Jesus and Mary Chain 'Stoned and Dethroned'
88. Saint Etienne 'Tiger Bay'
89. Joyrider 'Be Special'
90. Belle and Sebastian 'If You're Feeling Sinister'

Please carry on the list if you can think of great Britpop / Britpop-related that I haven't mentioned and let me know what albums, singles and whatever you feel were Britpop's and related bands best / defining moments. First (1993 - 1997) and Second Wave (1995 - 1999) of Britpop and related bands welcomed!

AbeSaidYes Wed 07-Oct-15 12:39:05


AbeSaidYes Wed 07-Oct-15 12:40:24


thefutureofpolitics Wed 07-Oct-15 12:45:25

91. PJ Harvey 'To Bring You My Love' ... How I forgot that one I don't know!

thefutureofpolitics Wed 07-Oct-15 12:48:09

AbeSaidYes: Because it is what I grew up with wink

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