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learn to play piano book(s) for an almost 8 yo and 14 yo

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unlucky83 Fri 05-Dec-14 12:24:37

I'm going to get a digital piano for my children for Christmas.
(was going to get a new Korg 170s digital today but am now dithering on getting a Casio CDP -120 - just seen a second hand one locally with all the bits for £150+ less!)
DD1 (almost 14) was told she had a natural musical talent and offered free piano lessons at school a couple of years ago but her frenemy persuaded her not to take them! She now does no music at all. I'm hoping that if we have one she might get interested and want lessons.
DD2 (almost 8) has been showing an interest in them at friend's houses etc. Again if she shows an interest she can have lessons (think this is more likely than DD1!)
I thought if I got them a 'learn to play piano' book they could at least have a play about on it first. (I am not at all musical, neither is DP - no idea where DD1 got it from!)
So have seen these on Amazon

I could get them one each - so the Kids one for DD2 and the other for DD1 - then they know it is a joint present (from Santa as far as DD2 is concerned)!
Or will the kids one be too young? or the beginner's too old? ...
or are there better books out there...other recommendations
(would like to try and make it as fun/easy as I can to get started, to get their interest going!)

Ferguson Sat 06-Dec-14 19:21:01

I will come back to you on this later, or tomorrow.

Also, search my name plus keyboard, piano, music, as I have posted on the topic many times.

Ferguson Sun 07-Dec-14 19:22:15

Hi - back as promised:

I have looked at both books you mention, and also the instruments.

If you and DP are not already particularly musical, I would ask why are you looking at a digital piano for the girls, rather than a touch-sensitive keyboard, with backings, rhythms, hundreds of different sounds etc? A keyboard could also have adequate piano sounds, and be a lot easier to play and gain satisfaction and enjoyment from than a piano, which involves a lot more (fairly) serious work, and practice before tunes start to sound decent.

Are there any particular reasons, other than price, why you are considering Casio and Korg? Had you considered Yamaha, who do a similar range of digital pianos, that DO also have some of the features of a keyboard.

Are you aiming for the girls to play serious Classical music eventually, or is something less challenging considered?

Regarding the music books, I would avoid books that colour the keys and notes: it is not necessary. So I would consider the first book suitable for the younger child, and for the older one possibly the Kenneth Baker books. If you answer these queries, I will give more help if I can.

unlucky83 Mon 08-Dec-14 14:30:53

Hi Sorry got distracted...did look at some past posts for books.
Going for a digital piano because I am hoping they (or at least DD2) will decide to have piano lessons in the future...and I want them to be in a good position to start. These are all entry level digital pianos, price is a consideration here - in case they really aren't interested.
I looked at the Casio because I know that's the one DD2's friend has - and her father is a musician but he doesn't live with his DC. Money is likely to be a factor here as well but he must think it is good enough for his child to start playing -or he wouldn't have bought it.
The Korg and a Yamaha (P35?) are both a similar price/spec/guarantee (everywhere), seen similar reviews etc - both slightly better than the Casio one - but the shop has a deal on the Korg to include a fixed stand and I could negotiate on a stool, headphones etc. Once I had bought the stand etc for the casio it would be almost the same price. So the Korg was the best option. Now I have found a second hand casio one - which if I can get will save me a £150 or so - and I know it should be good enough - so I'll go for that. If I don't get it it will be the Korg. Mainly cos I like the idea of supporting a local shop and it is a competitive price.
I'll look at the book you recommended in more detail...

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