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Buying a digital piano - Thomann or Chasedirect?

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outtheothersidefinally Wed 20-Aug-14 15:43:30

I'd love a digital piano and these two sights appear very reasonable. I don't have a huge budget, ideally €300, need weighted keys obviously.

Any tips? I'm a beginner, and want to learn just for myself. TIA

Ferguson Wed 27-Aug-14 16:17:17

I've just looked at those sites, but didn't know them before, so can't say which is better.

Do you not have a local dealer near you? And I assume you're thinking of Yamaha, though there are other brands. At a shop, you can get advice and try the different instruments. Also, although shop prices may SEEM higher than on-line, you can often get them to add in a few extras - stool, headphones, maybe tutor books or software.

What is your previous musical experience, and what styles of music will you be aiming at?

(closing now, but I'll look back sometime, see how you getting on.)

Ferguson Sun 14-Sep-14 15:53:49

Have you made any progress towards getting your digital piano?

Are you already a pianist, as if not a digital keyboard can be easier to play and be more versatile; it may not be so loud or have such good bass, but you can always play them through a hi-fi system, or use GOOD headphones (and probably a headphone amp.)

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