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soap theme tunes

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scottandabby Mon 07-Jul-14 20:23:16

Has anyone had the same occurrence, or know the reason. My 17 month old son cries when he hears the coronation street, emmerdale, or hollyoaks theme tunes. Its not a whimper, he actually sobbs his heart out. We are so confused, he is a great sleeper and has a sound routine, but its now getting to the point where we have to mute the television (which is quiet anyway) during the theme tunes because he now wakes up and starts to cry.

Ferguson Tue 29-Jul-14 21:26:13

Probably because he knows it means you are going to ignore him for the next hour!

We never had that problem, as we have never watched any 'soaps' at all. Except at primary school, I think DS had to make some comments about Eastenders or somesuch, and we all hated having to watch ten minutes of it. Why is it that if I ever see a few moments of any of them (because it overlaps something I DO want to see) people are ALWAYS snarling, cursing, and generally being evil to everyone they come into contact with?

If he sees Cbeebies, there was a Prom concert the other day of music from the shows, which is on TV at August Bank Holiday I think.

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