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Taking a baby to a festival - tips please

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Brugmansia Sat 03-Aug-13 12:53:50

We're off to End of the Road in 4 weeks. DS will be 7 months. Really looking forward to it and we're not too worried about taking him, having seen lots of babies and small children there in previous years. There are a few things in not sure about what to do though and is also be grateful for any other tips or advice learned through experience.

First, we haven't camped yet with DS. We have a big 6 person tent with 3 sleeping pods. I'm thinking that ds will be in with me and dp will have one to himself. Not sure what type of bedding ds should have. Any suggestions?

Secondly, transport? We'll definitely take the sling and I'm assuming using that mostly. Is it worth taking the pushchair too? I was thinking it could be handy for carrying stuff and then ds could sleep in it during the evenings. If we take one I was thinking of trying to get a cheap second hand one that doesn't matter if it gets broken or nicked.

Food wise I think it'll be fine. DS is bf and we're doing blw in a pretty relaxed way at present. We'll probably take some food anyway so I can just make sure there are a few bits and pieces he can have rather than need to give him festival food.

Any thoughts, tips horror stories to avoid.

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