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James Blake

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Ragusa Wed 10-Jul-13 22:54:43

I know I am late to the party on this one but....this bloke is amazing.

Disclaimer: am just emerging from my musical cave after 4 years of enforced listening to Mr Tumble's Hands Up and other similar terrible shite.

For anyone who also likes James Blake, what other newish artists would you recommend I listen to? I do veer toward singer-songwriters usually - am a sucker for a soulful melody- but also like a bit of electronica. Help me find my groove again - please grin

BurlyShassey Mon 21-Oct-13 19:11:59

James Blake the tennis player?????!

AnythingNotEverything Mon 21-Oct-13 19:19:47

How about the XX?

BurlyShassey Mon 21-Oct-13 20:03:55

I like old school, so liking Bruno Mars and the daft punk one with Niles Rodgers and Pharrel.

and hate to admit it as the videos so ewwww but wrecking ball by Mileys not a bad song.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Tue 29-Oct-13 02:43:18

I really like James Blake too. I need to recommend Chelsea Wolfe an American singer/songwriter. Nothing like James Blake more sort of folky but really, really good.
Listen to a song called "Flatlands" it's absolutely gorgeous.

apermanentheadache Tue 10-Jun-14 23:27:49

Thanks to those who responded.... Lost the thread . Will check out chelsea Wolfe - thanks blaaaah.

Anything Will also check out the Xx think have listened before. It's so exciting finding a new fave.... always hope something's going to tickle my earbuds grin

apermanentheadache Tue 10-Jun-14 23:32:44

Oh, yep, listening to your Chelsea woman now. Love it already - good recommendation thanks. She's got an interesting voice and the arrangements are great.

apermanentheadache Mon 30-Jun-14 11:57:14

Blaaahdeblahdeblah, just noticed that both James Blake and Chelsea Wolfe are playing at Jabberwocky on 15 August, at ExCeL. I may need to call in babysitting favours wink

DoctorTwo Mon 30-Jun-14 12:31:22

I recently came across the band Warpaint on the BBC coverage of Glastonbury. They were superb.

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