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New QOTSA record - any good?

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Taranta Thu 20-Jun-13 18:09:39

Have downloaded Like Clockwork but not listened to it yet, really hoping that it will not be a disappointment, anyone out there to reassure me its genius please?

classifiedinformation Sat 22-Jun-13 12:32:33

I love it personally and it has pretty good reviews so far. Go for it!

I have also just purchased tickets to see them in Nov, I'm ridiculously excited for an oldie! grin

Taranta Sat 22-Jun-13 22:41:08

Yay, that's a relief, I hate it when my failsafe bands don't come up with the goods. Am going to get me tickets too, got to get a eyeful of J Homme in all his fearsome redheaded splendour, oh yes grin

flipchart Wed 26-Jun-13 08:02:07

No, it's overrated.
I used to love them but this record isn't anything special.

Planet Rock are hyping them up at the moment. I'm really disappointed.

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