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Talk Talk ad-John Denver

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frownyface Sun 14-Apr-13 00:44:20

First post under music smile anyone else driving there partners crazy singing this song to themselves? !
Iv just discovered the iomio (not sure if thats correct spelling sorry) and downloaded it for 10p.
Happy happy!

This evenings randomn playlist has included
John Denver -Annies song
Jeff Wayne -Forever autumn (war of the worlds)
Conor Maynard-Animal
Black-wonderful life

As you can tell I listen to lots of different types of music!

Im in my twenties and currently recovering from an op, I sing in a choir and suffering serious singing withdrawal at the mo.

Anyone about for a chat? smile

frownyface Sun 14-Apr-13 00:56:29

I also like motown, I have young hearts run free as my ring tone at the mo its another of those tracks that I cant stop singing!

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