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recommendations of a song to sing to my DH at my 40th B'day Party!!!!!!

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thekingfisher Mon 25-Mar-13 11:51:08

As I turn 40 - I am (secretly) thinking about after my little speechy thing to thank everyone for coming ( about 45 friends and some family) singing a song before band start.

So firstly is this a Bonkers idea? I have a reasonable/good voice but it would be a big challenge for me. But would people think its a bit nobby?

So havent got a hug number of ideas but At last by Etta James or Songbird or wonderful world. Don't want anything too cheesy - but like the idea I can sing it to DH

Give me some ideas..I'll have to try to get a backing track or I might be able to ask the band to play for me (though its only keyboard and vocal)

What do you think am I mad!

mewkins Fri 19-Apr-13 22:24:17

I would cringe if someone did that to me (esp if dh as he is tone deaf). However...could you pull in a small group of family and friends and perhaps do a slightly humourous spoof if his favourite song or something that sums him up? Perhaps changing the words slightly using his name/ age? That would work. A slushy love song though would be bleugh in my opinion. I'm thinking something britpop perhaps?

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