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Mark Lanegan, I'm becoming obsessed

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Blaaahdeblahdeblah Sun 10-Mar-13 02:31:54

I have just discovered Mark Lanegan's music..Wow. How did I not know about him, life changing music right there.

Rubbish at links but anyone who's not heard any of his stuff check him out on youtube...Amazing. Amazing I tells ya!

Caitlin17 Sat 09-Nov-13 16:33:14

Last night was the first time I'd been at Union Chapel. It's a beautiful venue and the acoustics are amazing. The set list was the same as Edinburgh except they included Can't Catch the Train. A phone rang and he said" you've got a call" I'd have been mortified.

I did go to the signing although didn't really say anything other than "please sign this"

I think I enjoyed it more than Edinburgh, mainly because it's such a beautiful venue and the acoustics were superb.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Fri 08-Nov-13 20:07:14

You need to go and see him afterwards and come back to tell all

Caitlin17 Fri 08-Nov-13 19:19:08

The London show is tonight. I'm just sitting in Fortnum and Mason waiting for stuff to be gift wrapped ( for OH, not Mr. Lanegan, I'm not that much of a stalker!)then heading off.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Fri 08-Nov-13 06:08:02

Caitlin Got my days mixed up, it's tonight isn't it?

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Fri 08-Nov-13 05:44:03

Ribena Just tried to listen to it, bummer eh? Would have been good to hear

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Fri 08-Nov-13 05:40:18

Ribena I had heard that he was supposed to be on music 6 but thought I had missed it.
Hopefully he will be coming on at some point.

One HolyCow It was an amazing gig, very different to any I had been to before because the audience were so quiet during songs. No singing along or anything. I found it quite unnerving at first but then tuned into the music and forgot about the crowd.

Caitlin How was the London gig?

FunkyBoldRibena Thu 07-Nov-13 19:24:55

AARRGGHH - no he's not. Bummocks.

FunkyBoldRibena Thu 07-Nov-13 19:19:16

He's on 6 music this evening...incidentally.

OneHolyCow Wed 06-Nov-13 17:59:28

I saw in the Guardian today that he was in Edinburgh.. love his voice. Wish I had seen him, review was very good.
He has 2 new albums out?!

Caitlin17 Tue 05-Nov-13 21:11:04

Dulli and he are long term friends and also The Gutter Twins. I've never seen him live in that collaboration.

He tours fairly regularly in Europe and the UK, much more than in U.S. He's also had a few one off dates in Edinburgh during the festival on his own, with Isobel and Dulli.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Tue 05-Nov-13 18:00:21

Oh I am such an oaf! The gutter twins are ML and Greg Dhulli!

I usually trawl through youtube and listen to random songs so just assumed the gutter twins were a band he had collaberated with.

Not such a Superfan now am I? blush grin

FunkyBoldRibena Tue 05-Nov-13 17:56:10

Try 'Gentlemen'. Brilliant album.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Tue 05-Nov-13 17:54:28

Ribena Yeah, they are great too. I have to admit though that I haven't listened to as much of them as I should. The stuff with ML is fantastic.

I shall give them a listen. Anything you recommend outwith the ML collaboration?

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Tue 05-Nov-13 17:50:11

Caitlin There is something about the man that does make people quite stalkerish though isn't there? I too have joined the One Whiskey forum to chat about him freely and without judgement of being obsessed grin

The next time he comes here I will definitely stay behind and meet him and try and ignore my wildly beating heart.

I don't think he will be back in Scotland until next year though. Have you heard of any dates?

Caitlin17 Tue 05-Nov-13 13:29:46

Blaah everyone turns into an embarrassed teenager. I think he's used to it. He was very nice both times I spoke to him ( or rather gaped open mouthed the first time)

Caitlin17 Tue 05-Nov-13 13:26:14

Blaah, I didn't. I went to a signing with Isobel and him at the Barbican which was the first time he'd ever done one. She was lovely and chatted and I couldn't think of anything to say to him.(along with most others in the queue)

I also went to one he did on his own during the Blues Funeral tour ,I think in Birmingham. I'm going to the London show so might get something signed there.

I'm a bit nervous at turning up at every signing as I've seen comments on the One Whiskey forum , from people who do attend multiple shows and multiple signings that he does remember them. My friends and partner think I'm a stalker,I don't want him thinking that as well!

FunkyBoldRibena Tue 05-Nov-13 07:07:08

About the Gutter Twins; Pretty much any of the Afghan Whigs stuff is the best break up music ever. Oh Mr Dulli.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Tue 05-Nov-13 06:57:45

Caitlin. Did you go and meet him afterwards? Have you ever met him before?

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Tue 05-Nov-13 06:56:10

Oh, he was absolutely amazing, I was sitting in awe for the full gig.

Yeah, I thought he looked slimmer than I'd seen him on a lot of Youtube vids. I was dying to go and see him at the end but was afraid I would have turned into an embarrassed teenager so just came home.

I will definitely go and see him every time he comes to Scotland, I'm well and truly hooked. If my funds stretched further I would travel further.

Have a great time on Friday, wish I was coming too envy grin

Caitlin17 Tue 05-Nov-13 01:45:19

Blaah, did you enjoy the show? He's lost a lot of weight since I last saw him.

I really loved Satellite of Love, well really loved all of it.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Sat 02-Nov-13 06:24:51

I've just noticed how often I write really.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Sat 02-Nov-13 05:05:00

Wow Caitlin, I can really understand why you make the effort to go and see him. He really is amazing. It's Monday I'm going to see him too for the first time, so looking forward to it.

I haven't listened to Field songs yet, I'll give it a listen and no doubt love it as much as everything else. He has such a massive body of work and so many collaborations I keep thinking there must be one bad song but there really isn't.

Caitlin17 Sat 02-Nov-13 02:47:44

I'm seeing him in Edinburgh on Monday and London on Friday. So far I've seen him, in various incarnations , solo acoustic, with Soulsavers, MLB and Isobel, 5 times in London, 5 times in Glasgow, 5 times in Edinburgh, once in each of Birmingham, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Utrecht and Paris.

My favourite album is Field Songs.

Blaaahdeblahdeblah Tue 24-Sep-13 19:07:25

I have tickets to go and see him in Edinburgh PaleHousewife!!!

I'm so bloody excited!!

PaleHousewifeOfCumbriaCounty Sun 01-Sep-13 20:27:17

Go see mark on tour in November!

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