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Can anyone recommend flute music book(s) - DD did grade II recently...

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GrimmaTheNome Sun 10-Feb-13 20:07:08

She was just practicing 'Liberty Bell' from her grade II book (not one of the pieces she'd done for the exam, obv) - and said she really liked just playing random tunes she knew - at christmas she plays for pleasure a lot as she has a collection of carols. So, looking for recognisable melodies, something to play for fun. (she's just found Eidleweiss in the grade one book smile)

Its quite hard to work out from online searches what the level/content of books is.

Any recommendations please?

JonesTheSteam Mon 13-May-13 21:24:51

If you look on they have a grading system which tells you what grade the books are aimed at. 'Easy' is aimed at Grades 1-3, I think...

Music through Time (book 2) or Time Pieces for flute Vol 2 are nice books...


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