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Looking for a bit of music inspiration!

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Squitch Sun 02-Sep-12 19:35:18

I work as a music co-ordinator for a primary school (reception to YR2). We have a different piece of music played every week as the children go into assembly. I have only worked their for 2 years, so the first year I just went with what had been done before, last year I got a bit more adventurous but this year I want to push the boat out a bit.

I have split it into terms (about 7ish weeks each give or take a few weeks) and I would like to have a piece of classical music (sorted), a piece of 'world' music (sorted), something relating to whatever topic they're doing (sorted), something seasonal (sorted) and something modern - and thats where I get stuck. It needs to have suitable lyrics or be instrumental and it ideally would need to be not to quick (I love it when the kids bounce along, but the head isn't too keen).

It doesn't help that my popular music appreciation seems to have stopped somewhere in the early 90's. I just think it would be really nice for them to not have to listen to western classical music all the time

Any ideas would be massively appreciated (If it helps, the only songs I have on my list so far are Praise You by Fatboy Slim, 59th Street Bridge Song, His Majesty King Raam, by Lemonjelly and Epoca by Gotan Project - see I really am at a loss!) Grovily (sp?) thanks in advance smile

chocoluvva Mon 03-Sep-12 10:12:58

There are websites which suggest tracks for particular occasions - I know this from suggestions for funerals(!) but there were links for other occasions.
How about using songs from musicals?

Whirliwig72 Wed 05-Sep-12 21:29:11

How about a bit of Aphex Twin - not the scary or rude stuff but some of his ambient works stuff which is quite magical and childlike. It's pretty much all instrumental
This is lovely:

whatkungfuthat Thu 29-Nov-12 08:11:02

Not sure if its the kind of thing you are looking for but a lot of older Ska is instrumental and jolly without being very quick the liquidator Trojan is the label to look for

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