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To be a complete philistine and ask for your help please

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BadBitchNoMuzzle Fri 24-Aug-12 11:39:52

DS wouldn't sleep and in desperation I put on classic FM. Miracle of miracles, the boy (evidently of more refined tastes than his mama) dropped off in minutes clearly grateful for the Katy Perry reprieve

So look, can you give me some ideas of lovely classical tracks I can start downloading. Soft, airy, twinkly, relaxing rather than anything trumpety! Along the lines of Adagio for Strings (the one classical track I can name, thanks Hollywood)

Thank you

chocoluvva Fri 14-Sep-12 15:45:35

The Berceuse from Faure's 'Dolly Suite'
There's a lovely CD by Philips called 'Cradle Song' which is entirely filled with Julian Lloyd Webber playing lullabies on cello, beaurtifully accompanied by a pianist.
Brahms wrote a very famous lullaby.

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