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Which guitar??? :-S

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mangobrain Wed 10-Aug-11 23:11:51

Its my lovely fella's birthday in a little over a month and I would like to replace one of his guitars. It's the one I see him use the most, which he uses in band practices etc. It looks quite old and a little damaged. As far as I know it's just an standard Acoustic (his other two guitars being way more expensive and being able to plug an amp in). Anyway im clueless as to which, brand etc are good. All his guitars are 6 string and I've seen 12 string ones available? And silent guitars, what are they about? Help!!!

kennypowers Thu 11-Aug-11 08:21:25

Depends on how much you have to spend really. I probably wouldn't buy a twelve string unless your fella had stated an interest in one. How about going to a local music store and asking for their recommendations? They're bound to have at least one employee who plays and will be able to help based on what style of music it's for.

HoneyPablo Sun 14-Aug-11 08:21:47

I wouldn't buy DH a guitar unless he had seen it and given it the ok. Take him to a guitar shop and let him choose himself.
He is probably quite attached to his old guitar-it probably is a very good 'fit'. All guitars are not equal.

GloriaVanderbilt Sun 14-Aug-11 08:38:27

Good advice there from Honey and Kenny. If you don't know a lot about guitars I'd hesitate to buy one for him...often the damaged ones are the ones we love the most, they're knackered cosmetically but fit really well.
If he uses it the most he's clearly very attached to it.

I think you need to ask him, not surprise him...maybe find a brochure somewhere and see if he particularly loves something in it. Or ask what guitar he would love if he could have anything. He might guess what yu're up to though smile

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