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A little bit old fashioned

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Empusa Wed 27-Jul-11 21:39:51

Currently dancing along to Putting on the Ritz by Fred Astaire. Got Cab Calloway and The Andrews Sisters queued up.

Anyone else a fan of the more old fashioned stuff? I cannot get enough of it. Unfortunately DH doesn't share my love for it.

PS. I'm 28.

Pleb1969 Wed 27-Jul-11 22:36:42

mememememememememe! (and I'm 42 so have more of an excuse than you do) I love Ella Fitzgerald, all of the 'Rat Pack' (go and see the stage show if you can - you will love it!), Nat King Cole etc etc. My CD rack is full of golden oldies. You go girl!

Empusa Wed 27-Jul-11 22:37:52

I really want to!

upahill Wed 03-Aug-11 12:35:59

A bit different but when I was 12/13 I discovered music and got into Les Zeppelin and Deep Purple.
My mum was confused . She kept saying this is old stuff!!!

All my mates were into Ska and I had my own musical world seeking out Neil Young albums that no one wanted anymore!!

gallicgirl Thu 04-Aug-11 00:34:41

DD has posters of John Coltrane and Miles Davis on her bedroom wall. Totally my fault.

I love Neil Young and Carol King and listen to lots of old jazz standards.

AwesomePan Thu 04-Aug-11 00:45:57

Am a Kurt Weill head. The LP of his sung by Ute Lemper is a mainstay of mine.

As is the double LP of Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter songs.

Once had trouble convincing a teenager that Kanye West's Diamonds Are Forever sample isactually a bit 'old'. grin

AwesomePan Thu 04-Aug-11 00:48:38

Empusa - I also have an LP of Fred Astaire singing all of the great old film/show songs. Night and Day ( I think a Cole Porter one) is poetically sublime.

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