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Amy Winehouse did a wonderful cover of a song...

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allhailtheaubergine Sun 24-Jul-11 17:20:32

Someone on Twitter yesterday wrote "Remember her like this" and linked to a wonderful cover that she did.

I would like to listen to it again but I can't remember what it was.

It is not something she did on any of her albums - maybe a one off or a live show or something?

Can you help?

methodsandmaterials Sun 24-Jul-11 17:24:50

Valerie by the Zutons?

allhailtheaubergine Sun 24-Jul-11 17:26:29

No, but thank you for guessing smile

lubeybooby Sun 24-Jul-11 17:27:35

Take the box?

bandgeek Sun 24-Jul-11 17:28:13

To know him is to love him?

bigTillyMint Sun 24-Jul-11 17:30:11

Carole King "Will you still love me"?

allhailtheaubergine Sun 24-Jul-11 17:33:32

It was Will you still love me! Thank you TillyMint.

And thank you all, I shall youtube the others too.

Bellola Sun 24-Jul-11 17:33:55 Is this it?

5GoMadOnAZ650 Sun 24-Jul-11 17:38:09

She also did a fantastic cover of Cupid.

allhailtheaubergine Sun 24-Jul-11 17:43:19


GypsyMoth Mon 25-Jul-11 14:58:37

That song reminds me if my mum. She died few years ago. Dad met a new lady called Valerie when AW had her 'valerie' in the charts. Weird. Might go and buy them on iTunes.

upahill Sat 30-Jul-11 17:02:14

I don't think Amy Winehouse did a wonderful cover of anything!!!

(I don't like AW's music so nothing is going to please me!!!)

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