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Take That - Villa Park

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caspered Wed 08-Jun-11 19:53:54

very excited to be going to see TT on Monday 27th June. However, just checked out the parking situation and it looks a bit 'haphazard' shall we say. No parking on site, no park and ride etc. Now not being from birmingham I'm starting to get a bit stressed about it. Will probably not be able to get there til 4:45-5pm. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?? Trains are a no go as although we can get there we can't get back. Any suggestions gratefully received!!grin

ReadyToDrink Wed 08-Jun-11 23:16:37

Ooh, I'm going to see them there on the 28th grin Not sure about transport because my mug of a dad is dropping off & collecting, so I'll bump this for you smile Birmingham has a wide-reaching bus network (albeit not always frequent / cheap), so that might be worth looking into?

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