Kate Bush Album to be released May 16

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wendsx Fri 11-Mar-11 16:35:10

Kate Bush released "Director's Cut" on May 16th, which sees her revisit songs from two of her classic albums, The Sensual World & Red Shoes. smile


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wendsx Fri 11-Mar-11 16:53:34

Sorry, that should say "releases" not "released". I'm a little excited ...

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upahill Sat 12-Mar-11 19:41:03

Ooh! I'll be looking out for that!

amistillsexy Sat 12-Mar-11 19:49:12

That's fabby news! Aerial has been the soundtrack to my two home births and lots of other stuff since! I can't wait to hear this new album!

quirrelquarrel Sun 13-Mar-11 14:34:10

Very happy- I adore Kate and her music too!
Love the Kick Inside and especially the Sensual World.

And apparently there's new material to follow later in the year.

UnquietDad Sat 19-Mar-11 12:09:48

Don't hold your breath for new stuff. Each new album has taken approximately twice as long as the last! We had 12 years between the last two!

limpingbint Sat 19-Mar-11 12:17:40

Oh how I love her

Abcinthia Sat 26-Mar-11 10:05:14

I'm looking forward to it

onEastarEggIGraze Wed 20-Apr-11 14:17:11

I can't wait, especially as The Red Shoes is the only album of hers that I can't listen to (because of the awful production). Here's hoping she's revisited those songs and made them shine like they ought to.

kitkatya Thu 26-May-11 16:37:38

The Sensual World and Red Shoes are actually my favourite albums of hers.

What do you all think? Im halfway through it, I have to say I hated the version of Sensual World, probably my favourite Kate Bush track. sad

Still, its early days....

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