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were you a fan of toyah

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southeastastra Sat 01-Jan-11 21:32:15

i had a friend that was mad on her

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 01-Jan-11 22:15:35

I was...

"Good morning Universe, how are you today?" How could you not love her?

Amapoleon Sat 01-Jan-11 22:17:22

I wasn't a huge fan but hers was the first concert I went too. I went with my Mum, Aunty, sister and cousin. I was about 10 and thought it was cool.

SoupDragon Sat 01-Jan-11 22:26:51

It was the first concert I went to too somewhere in all my stuff I still have the rather funky backstage pass

Jellykat Sat 01-Jan-11 22:31:26

Yes i was.."Sheepfarming in Barnet" and all that,plus i always really wanted her hair!

Went to a few of her gigs,terrible singer but incredible presence and feisty!

Hassled Sat 01-Jan-11 22:33:05

I was more of a Hazel O'Connor girl myself.

Amapoleon Sat 01-Jan-11 22:36:42

I loved Hazel O'Connor.

Jellykat Sat 01-Jan-11 22:41:47

Ooo yes Hazel O'Connor..
"You drink your coffee, i sip my tea"..
Stay now- was that the name of that song?
Ahh yes, just remembered 'Breaking Glass' was that the name of the film she was in?

zandy Sat 01-Jan-11 22:47:54

We went to see Toyah at Malvern Theatres last week. She is in Sleeping Beauty. She was very good.

I was never in the past a huge fan, but did like her.

Hassled Sat 01-Jan-11 23:01:13

Toyah's lisp annoyed the hell out of me. Not that she could help it, I realise.

Jellykat - "Will You". Great saxophone bit at teh end.

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 01-Jan-11 23:03:50

My best friend used to love that "Will You" song. I bloody hated it grin

purepurple Mon 03-Jan-11 13:01:38

I saw Hazel O'connor live last year, she is still bloody amazing.And I got goosebumps when the sax solo kicked in.
Toyah didn't really do it for me, preferred Lena Lovich

Jellykat Mon 03-Jan-11 16:18:20

I always wanted Lene Lovichs hair too!..Think my youth must've been spent with terrible hair envy! grin

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