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Does anyone play the cornet? Help please!!!

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FlightoftheCrimbleTree Fri 17-Dec-10 16:53:22

Help. s seems to have messed up the valve order, he's taken them all out (typical) and turned them round and mixed them up. Now it won't work.

They don't appear to be numbered and I am struggling to fix it - short of calling his teacher at home, is there anyone who can talk me through it please?

Yours desperately blush

CokeFan Fri 17-Dec-10 17:21:04

Oh dear - that's why I always do mine one at a time (and they're numbered on the bit above the holes). On mine, 1 is nearest the mouthpiece end and the number ends up on the side nearest the mouthpiece.

I'm not sure there's a way of telling which is which, other than trial and error. Also, even if you get them in the right holes there's 2 possible orientations (180 degrees apart). If you closely examine them the holes are in slightly different places, corresponding to where the "tubes" come out of the valve casing.

I would take them all out and put them back one at a time. Drop the first valve in and turn it until the notches click into place. Screw the cap bit down and try blowing through the cornet with the valve up and then down (should be obvious if air won't go through). Repeat with the other valves.

FlightoftheCrimbleTree Fri 17-Dec-10 17:26:54

Thankyou so much, have already tried similar but will do so again now I know it's along the right lines!!

I really appreciate your answer.

snorkie Fri 17-Dec-10 17:34:21

Oh I sympathise. When I was being a music exam steward once I left a little lad in a practice room and when I went to get him a few minutes before his exam his trumpet was in pieces - he'd taken all the valves out to grease them (not because they were sticking, but 'just in case') and couldn't get them back together again - None of us could either, but fortunately the examiner was both understanding and a trumpeter and fixed it. (I think all the later exams ran a little late that day though).

FlightoftheCrimbleTree Fri 17-Dec-10 17:43:18

Oh blimey! disastro! grin

I have been studying the tubes and holes and have put them all roughly where they make a noise, up and down...might need a little fine tuning but at least he is making a sound again.

Typical - there was me thinking 'ds cannot break a brass instrument'

How wrong was I. I've only ever played woodwind, strongs, keyboards...these are so much more complicated than I imagined!

Thanks again for your help.

FlightoftheCrimbleTree Fri 17-Dec-10 17:44:11

that would be strings...hmm

I have actually got him a cheap violing for Christmas, as he was desperate for one.

I am having severe misgivings...

CokeFan Fri 17-Dec-10 17:49:18

Ah, well done. I think there's only one "right" combination so if you've got air going through in all valve up/down positions then you've got it right.

Good luck with the violin!

FlightoftheCrimbleTree Fri 17-Dec-10 17:50:36

Cheers!...might keep it for myself for now, though tis only a half size! aww.

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