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Who do you regret not seeing?

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kittya Sat 14-Aug-10 00:27:09

Pulp. I will always kick myself.

thelunar66 Sat 14-Aug-10 00:28:40

Bob Dylan... i was too hung over to get on the bus that morning... ended up at anti-nazi league thing in manchester instead.

kittya Sat 14-Aug-10 00:30:35

well, you might not of missed much. He's very hit and miss. Blood on the Tracks is my favourite album ever though!

usualsuspect Sat 14-Aug-10 00:33:45

Led Zeppelin [old]my dp saw Bob Dylan though

LilQueenie Sat 14-Aug-10 00:34:02

Freddie Mercury.

bluejeans Sat 14-Aug-10 00:36:05

Had tickets to see INXS at Glasgow SECC in December 1990. Cancelled due to snow

winnybella Sat 14-Aug-10 00:39:58

Leonard Cohen. He's getting too old now for touring, feel like I've missed my only chance.

LastOrdersAgain Sat 14-Aug-10 00:45:57

blur in 1995, because it was on a school night and mum said no.

bluejeans Sat 14-Aug-10 10:51:45

When I was 11 my teacher tolds us her daughter was going to see Adam and the Ants. I remember being extremely jealous, but it never ocurred to me that an 11 yr-old could go to a music concert, at the time it seemed like an impossible dream .I've since met people my age who saw bands in the late 70s/early 80s with older siblings or cool parents. So jealous!

DramaInPyjamas Sat 14-Aug-10 11:04:01


ethelina Sat 14-Aug-10 11:09:28

I saw Blur in 1995. Missed a christmas party to go. Wish I'd bothered to get tickets for the reunion last year. Kicked myself for not going.

Also regret not seeing Green Day earlier this year.

ladylush Sat 14-Aug-10 11:15:09

Michael Jackson

GothAnneGeddes Sat 14-Aug-10 11:17:38

Freddie Mercury era Queen. My poor Mum had tickets to see them in 1984 but couldn't get a babysitter. My dad went and said it was amazing envy

GothAnneGeddes Sat 14-Aug-10 11:17:38

Freddie Mercury era Queen. My poor Mum had tickets to see them in 1984 but couldn't get a babysitter. My dad went and said it was amazing envy

upahill Sat 14-Aug-10 13:16:16

Dio!! We had tickets for the gig before Christmas and got to Manchester to find the gig cancelled with no explanation.
Went home, googled to find he had stomach cancer.
He died in May.

I had tickets for the Cramps years ago but the night I was due to go I was in a car crash so lucked out on that one too!

MrsSnaplegs Sat 14-Aug-10 13:21:48

Freddie Mercuy era Queen

DinahRod Sat 14-Aug-10 13:28:41

Queen and Freddie Mercury.

I used to serve behind the bars at Wembley Stadium and would do a couple of shifts so could go and see the main act in the evening for free, but I was 13 when they last played there, and you had to be 14.

RattusNorvegicus Sat 14-Aug-10 16:25:26

Bob Marley.

LyraSilvertongue Sat 14-Aug-10 22:09:03

The Smiths. No chance now sad

Muse before last year. So many amazing tours I missed. sad

kittya Sat 14-Aug-10 22:29:55

Yes, the Smiths would be another one. And, funnily, The Cure in their prime.

sharbie Sat 14-Aug-10 22:31:17

oooooooo I saw the cure and wait for it ..........
robert smith got me in on the guest list.
he is gorgeous and his handwriting is just like on the albums etc. grin

SixtyFootDoll Sat 14-Aug-10 22:33:39

The Smiths - they played in my local leisure centre and i didnt go.
INXS would have been great too.

nbee84 Sat 14-Aug-10 22:34:58

Wham! blush

kittya Sat 14-Aug-10 22:35:35

Oh, that was sweet of him. He looked quite abit lad, is he? was it in their prime or, last week in your local pub? Just joking, they still sell out dont they? Like Madness.

kittya Sat 14-Aug-10 22:35:53

big lad.

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