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Small child party playlist

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mooki Fri 23-Jul-10 22:28:01

My friend has asked me to bring some music along to her daughter's 3rd birthday party.

I've got an ipod playlist of a range of things from Justin Fletcher sings the songs from Something Special to Queen, Supergrass and Lemon Jelly.

It's a community centre running around party - any classic small child floor fillers I should be thinking of?

I suppose I should track down stuff like the hokey cokey.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 23-Jul-10 22:36:22

If you register with the Early learning centre birthday club they send you a CD free each birthday up to the age of five I believe with all the classics on - if you have a few weeks before the party do this and you'll get one in the mail about ten days later.

mooki Fri 23-Jul-10 22:45:25

Thanks Whomovedmychocolate - so far over the last 2 years (my own dd will be 3 in setember) we've received 2 copies of 'Go Wild' from ELC so have multiple opportunities to listen to 'creepy crawlies and itchy things' but nothing else...

I will go and look to see if has 5 little speckled frogs on it though, thanks for the reminder.

tummytickler Fri 23-Jul-10 23:01:11

I have always played Django Rheinhardt at my dc's parties. Really upbeat, everyone always loves it.
Maybe not a classic child floor filler though blush. Might be worth a try.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 23-Jul-10 23:02:30

Register a second child - you get different ones for the next kid!

mooki Fri 23-Jul-10 23:17:25

Hmm Tummytickler - thought I had some but got muddled up with Herb Alpert :-) will go and dust off the mp3s..

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