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Autism diagnosis

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Starfish25 Mon 09-Mar-20 22:05:56

Hi, hope I'm posting on the right one.
My son was put on the asd pathway in sept when he was 3, he turned 4 in Feb. We have another appointment in april with the paediatrician. I was just wondering when do they fully diagnose? His needs have changed since his last appointment so I am glad we have this one coming up. Thanks if anyone can help

BackforGood Mon 09-Mar-20 22:49:43

Without knowing where you are in the country, no-one will be able to tell you, I'm afraid, as the assessment process is different in every authority.

Where I work, once you've seen the Paediatrician for the first appointment, there is then a wait of 18 - 20 months before you start the multi-disciplinary assessment, and the diagnosis comes around a month after that starts. However, I know in surrounding authorities it can be quite different.

Starfish25 Tue 10-Mar-20 06:54:23

Thank you for a reply.
Oh I didn't realise that sorry. I'm in Liverpool. We seen the paediatrician in September where she put him on the pathway, then told us she would see him again after 6 months. Maybe this appointment will be the start of the multi-disciplinary assessment. Fingers crossed

BackforGood Tue 10-Mar-20 20:15:07

No need to apologise smile
There's no reason you would know.
I only know as I'm on MN far too much quite a bit.

ElementalFuture Thu 02-Apr-20 06:06:13

Yes...and a bit no. But overall... yes.

Starfish25 Thu 02-Apr-20 09:00:31

Thank you, our appointment has obvs been cancelled for this month so could be a couple of months for a new one to made

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