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Social skills in autistic kids

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montermum Wed 19-Feb-20 14:36:38

Hi, my son started making sentences at 3 yr but still the one he hears a lot, no social skills as yet, can he develop those skills, any stories that could give me hope or suggestions plz¿

GingerFoxInAT0phat Wed 19-Feb-20 14:45:50

Hi, my son is nearly 7 now and was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2. He was a very late talker, maybe 3 or 4, we used Pecs with him at home and in school.

When he first started in Reception the teacher told me he would kind of pick someone and then mimic/follow them as he didn’t really know how to interact properly.

He’s now in year 2, and his speech is brilliant, there’s just the few odd words he says in his way but is so cute. His reading and writing is coming on so much also. And he now has lots of friends and is popular in his class. He’s very laid back and will go along/play with anyone.

Making sure your son has the support and help he needs in his educational setting will give him the best chance to develop his social skills. Sometimes it feels like it will never happen then there’s times when they come on leaps and bounds.

montermum Fri 21-Feb-20 01:40:03

Thank you hun! did your son started making sentences at 3-4 or the first words? my son goes to day care once a week but he does not talk to anyone there not his educators, he stays quiet and disconnected. did you do ABA his ur son or just speech therapy? sorry for asking so many questions. your reply gave me hope🙂

LuxLuxLux84 Wed 18-Mar-20 19:57:21

I’d love some advice too. I just had a really sad experience in a playground watching my 5 year old run up to children from the “
Inclusive “ school where he is in an ASD unit asking” what’s your name?”
only to be ignored repeatedly. Of children don’t say their name he gets distressed and will keep asking and grab at themNor touch their faces- he is trying so hard. Their parents also ignored me and made no efforts at all.
It’s so sad . He said things like: “
You’re good! “ to kids trying to be friendly. Has anyone had a similarly loud and friendly child who struggled in this way? Sorry to hijack OP.

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